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MFC Cleaningcards   


Day-to-day use and high everyday loads demand a great deal from card readers and note readers, as dirt collects on the magnetic heads, chips and optical sensors, restricting the functionality of the devices. This is where our high-quality cleaning cards come it. Cleaning card readers and note readers with our MFC cleaning cards ensures in a quick and uncomplicated fashion that all the devices work flawlessly again.

Our high-quality cleaning cards and cleaning utensils for card readers from our product range

Thanks to years of development and experience, we have developed numerous cleaning utensils whose effect has also been confirmed by renowned device manufacturers. Why not take a look at our selection of cleaning cards for card readers: Straight to the products

Cleaning cards: Our cleaning cards for card readers with a modern microfibre surface are suitable for a variety of cleaning purposes. The encoded cards are suitable for cleaning cash machines and account statement printers, while unencoded card reader cleaning cards carefully remove dirt from the card slot and chip contacts. We also offer the suitable products for tachographs.

Other cleaning supplies: Be it microfibre cloths, compressed-air cleaners for hard-to-reach spots or cleaning supplies for surfaces and screens − with our high-quality cleaning supplies you can keep devices clean and in high-quality condition.

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